Youth Education

The area that our branch covers is the city limits of the former city of Nepean (excluding Barrhaven).
Here is a list of schools that are in our area.


Legions throughout Canada sponsor youth programs that include sports, cadet corps, scouts, and leadership training and remembrance activities. It is our aim to help youth learn an appreciation for teamwork, leadership, duty and most importantly, remembrance. The branch’s Youth Education program is divided into Remembrance and Leadership.

The Legion believes educating our youth on the high cost of their freedom is one of our most important roles in today’s society. We must impress upon young people who have never known war, that freedom
was won at the cost of many lives; young lives like their own. Our annual poster, literary and essay contests with a remembrance theme, help focus the attention of the participants on those who gave all for
the freedom we enjoy.

The Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest is part of the Legion's Youth program. It is meant to foster an understanding of the sacrifices made on our behalf by many young men and women in World Wars I and II, and the Korean War. To this day, many brave young men and women put their personal security at risk in the name of peace and humanity in places like Bosnia, Cyprus, Haiti, East Timor, Afghanistan, etc.

For many, many years, The Royal Canadian Legion has sponsored the Annual Literary and Poster Contest that is open to all Canadian school children. The youths that participate in the contest assist the Legion in one of our primary goals – fostering the tradition of remembrance amongst Canadians.

For more information on the Remembrance Day Contests:


Ontario Command Branches promote youth leadership in many ways.

Through our sponsorship of local cadet organizations, our branches provide opportunities for youth to learn more about citizenship, about leadership and about themselves. Through cadet training, young people learn about duty, personal discipline and take part in activities such as survival training, sports, citizenship, team building, cadet summer camps and other leadership building activities. Our branch uses public speaking as a way to promote leadership.

Public Speaking Contest

The Public Speaking Contest, part of the Legion's Youth program, is meant to give young people an opportunity to speak in public. The individual chooses their own subject matter for the address.

More information on the Public Speaking Contest please click here. 

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