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This is a notice to all members of Branch 593. Your Branch is in a position where bartenders are urgently needed. Now is the time to step forward and volunteer. Complete the Ontario Smart Serve course (online) and we will reimburse you the cost. You will be trained on site at the bar until you are comfortable with the processes and procedures.

Right now, we only have one (1) bartender who cannot work seven days in a row. The only chance we have of getting back to normal in the future is to have enough trained bartenders! We require at least 5 or 6 trained bartenders to meet the future workload once we return to normal. If we do not get enough bartender volunteers, there is a good chance that the bar hours will be reduced and the chance of having Darts, Pool, Euchre, Friday Night Dinner and Dances or any other function will be in jeopardy.

Support your Branch and become a volunteer bartender.

You will meet lots of other members and have a rewarding experience knowing that you are helping keep your
Branch open. This opportunity is open to anyone. The only other option would be to hire paid bartenders which would be expensive and cut into profits drastically. If necessary, we would use paid bartenders only for functions and parties where bar sales would be able to support their cost.

Talk to me about signing up today. It will be worth it!

Bruce May
2nd Vice
Bells Corners #593 (RCL)


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